Beyond the body

Drenched in my own painful
state of mind
as my love is bidding silence
to my senses, I firm up.
Embodiment of passion
and swollen dreams -
to take a stroll
into thy solid marble shrine
with stairways into deepest fluid skies
and touch the blissful crooky masquerade.

A chimera in my fantasies
is your tongue touching mine
and fingers running up and down
beyond my body.
Soulless creatures are we in that place,
where vanished is the mournful harmony,
keeping lies within our reach
is the lost temptation breaking space.

Pour the night to lightless darkness,
bond our bodies with the earth,
search for answers asking mountains,
follow my paths,
I’ll take your brittle conscience,
make it revive
and send it to the mirth.


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