24. apríla 2014

Autumn leaves

The other day I was just strolling up and down,
the sun was shining shyly from behind the clouds,
reminding me of smile of the good old clown,
hiding behind the veil of lousy crowds.

Leaves kept falling from the trees,
and I, admiring their spectacular colours,
missing the buzz of busy bees,
had thrown away all my lingering sorrows.

Underneath my feet the sound of cracking,
as I walked to feel the false hint of summer breeze,
thinking of all the features it might be lacking,
and suddenly just hearing the autumn wheeze.

It was the wind fiddling with the thirsty branches,
swinging and whipping them with harsh cold,
and leaves  rising with playful rances,
were glowing like a brand new gold.

Charlie the kid

Once upon a time there was a boy,
Charlie his name was, and as you know,
there was only one wish in his heart,
so he decided to look for the golden ticket for a start,
to visit the chocolate factory of the best rank,
where good old Willy Wonka, a so-called crank,
created his delicacies out of sweet cocoa beans,
but our poor lad did not have a buck to buy a bar.
You know what it means?
Although, the grandfather had a plan,
an idea was in fact quite insane,
he gave the money to our poor kid,
to buy another chocolate as he did,
this was again of no use,
but not the end of the story as you can deduce.
The months passed and the day approached,
to Charlie there was nothing to be reproached,
that he has taken a ten dollar bank note lying on the street,
our sweet boy feeling nothing of a greed,
bought the last bar to take a chance,
as he opened it, and inside glanced.
You can imagine what happened next,
Charlie didn´t even read the text,
he ran home and danced with joy,
„I found the ticket!“, oh, you lucky boy!